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(hereinafter the “Terms and Conditions”)
These Terms and Conditions are valid and effective from January 1, 2020.

The terms and conditions of business specified below are the General Terms and Conditions of Business of the travel agency operated by Simply Adventures s.r.o.., registered number: CZ08904910, registered office: Na Petřinách 1247/85, Břevnov, 162 00 Prague 6, entered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague

1. The travel agency is entitled to broker the sale of tours and broker and sell individual tourism services. The travel agency is also entitled to sell items related to tourism, in particular: tickets, maps, plans, timetables, printed guides and souvenirs.

2. These Terms and Conditions apply to the brokering and sale of individual tourism services and set out, in particular, mutual rights and duties of the TA and its clients.

3. Unless provided otherwise, the TA’s services consist of brokering third party offers, in particular those of accommodation providers, transport service providers, providers of rentals and supplementary services, e.g. a taxi service.

4. The TA has created for its clients a unique combination of individual services, where the client can choose the best one for himself. To facilitate selection, the TA has created several pre-selected combinations, which will be specified following an agreement with the client.

5. A comprehensive summary of services/activities provided can be found at the website:

6. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, the client (or participant) shall be understood to mean an individual or group, depending on the service ordered.

1. Reservations

Based on the selection of the type of service, the client will be contacted by the TA for the purpose of specifying the details of the services selected.
After confirming the selection of services, the client is obligated to pay a deposit into the TA’s account, which also serves as the confirmation of the reservation. In the event of the non-realization of selected services for a reason on the client’s part, this deposit is not refundable. After the approval of the offer and payment of the deposit, an agency contract is concluded between the TA and the client.
The client is obligated to familiarize himself with the details of the services selected.

2. Setting Prices

The price for individual services is set at the TA’s website. The TA reserves the right to change a price in accordance with the client’s requests. The client will receive the final price in an individual offer. An individual offer contains a summary of the prices of the individual services, both for individuals and for whole groups, depending on the number of people and type of service ordered. All prices are stated including VAT.
The price does not include:

1. Price of air ticket;

2. Insurance;

3. Food and drinks (unless food and drinks are specified as included in the description of the activity);

4. Parking charges;

5. Tips;

6. Entry fees, contributions and all charges that are not expressly stated in reservation details;

7. Price for accommodation.

8. Transportation (unless transportation is specified as included in the description of the activity)
Providers of individual services may request a credit card from clients for the purpose of blocking a deposit. A deposit is required for the purpose of covering any damages or fines arising due to inappropriate behavior by the clients. In the event none of the aforementioned situations occur, the deposit will be refunded.

In the event of a conflict in prices between an offer and a realized service, the client is obligated to contact the TA and promptly deal with the situation arising. The TA will not bill any charges for a complaint made promptly after the provision of a service. The client takes note that a complaint made after leaving the country where the service was provided must be demonstrably documented.

3. Payment

The price of services selected is fixed in the details of a reservation. In the event services are provided to groups, the client shall pay the price for the whole group.

Reservations of the services ordered will be confirmed to the client after the deposit is credited in full to the TA’s account. The remaining balance must be paid by the client before the start of provision of a service.

The client is obligated to inform the TA of the manner of transport and time of his arrival, no later than 5 days before the start of service provision.
The deposit for the services ordered is set based on the final price of the experience or experiences and is specified in the individual offer.
The client is entitled to ask the TA for instalments on the price of services.

A deposit paid will not be returned to the client if a service is cancelled for a reason on the client’s part, in particular, but not limited to, family or medical reasons, or due to a flight cancellation. If the client informs the TA of a flight delay as a consequence of which some ordered services cannot be provided, the deposit for such services may not be returned.

4. Changes to Provision of Services by TA

The services are provided in accordance with the offer and confirmed reservation; the TA reserves the right to change, as a consequence of instructions from providers of individual services, the order or place of services provided; the client will be promptly informed of such change. The client will not be compensated for changes of such character, provided the extent and quality of services ordered is complied with.

Changes that lead to a reduction in the extent or quality of the services ordered can be accepted or rejected by the client. The client will subsequently receive, on his account, an amount corresponding to the difference between the price of the originally ordered service and the new service; in the event of rejection, an amount corresponding to the price of the service ordered will be refunded to the client.

If it is not possible to arrange accommodation in the facility selected by the client for a reason on the part of the accommodation provider, the TA reserves the right to arrange accommodation for the client in a facility of the same category.

In the case of events caused by force majeure, such as: unfavorable weather, general threat, war, disturbances, terrorist attack, electricity outage, natural disasters, the client is not entitled to the return of the whole price. If it is possible, the client will be offered compensation in the form of another service.

5. Change to Extent of Services on Client’s Part

The client is obligated to promptly notify the TA of any change, in particular a change to persons in his group, a decision not to use services ordered. etc.

If the number of clients in a group is reduced, the client is not entitled to compensation, in the event of an increase in the number of members in a group, the client will be sent an updated offer with the calculation of the new price of services (if the price of activity is based on number of persons or the addition of persons lead to exceeding of the maximum group size as defined in the activity.

If there is an increase in the number of clients in a group after the arrival at the place of performance, the TA and the service provider can refuse to provide the service. If the provision of a service is not refused, the client will be sent a new calculation of the price, including the balance to be paid for the service already provided, as used by the increased number of members of the client’s group. Further, ordered services will be provided to the client after the payment of a new price for all the members of the client’s group.

If services are cancelled by the client, such cancellation is subject to a cancellation charge, which is governed by the tables specified below unless the TA informed the client otherwise.
Amount of cancelation charge

Full deposit reimbursement
Cancellation occurs more than 30 days before service provision

Cancellation charge totaling 100% of the deposit
Cancellation occurs 29-8 days before service provision

Cancellation charge totaling 100% of the total price
Cancellation occurs less than 7 days before service provision unless the TA has specified otherwise

6. Documents and Health

The TA recommends that its clients always have a European Health Insurance Card with them, or a card confirming the agreement of the relevant travel insurance.

The TA does not arrange travel, health or other insurance for clients, the client is obligated to agree such insurance independently.
The client shall arrange all his medicines before arriving at the place of service provision. The client shall inform the TA of his medical condition, primarily with regard to the character of the services ordered.

The client shall sign a declaration that includes a declaration of his medical condition and non-infectious state.
If the Czech Republic requires the submission of a visa for a stay by the client, the client takes note that he is obligated to arrange such information himself, the same as all the documents necessary for entry to the Czech Republic. The client is obligated to obtain information about customs regulations, cultural habits and rights and duties in the Czech Republic.

7. TA’s Liability

The TA is liable for the services it brokers. The TA releases itself from liability in the event the client does not respect the instructions of providers of the various services and the TA. The client shall accept a declaration that contains information about the TA’s release from liability by submitting the inquiry.

The client takes note that he receives all the services ordered at his own risk and that he familiarized himself with all the details of the services ordered; in the event he is interested, the terms and conditions of the various service providers are available at the client’s request. The TA is not liable in the cases specified below:

• A member of the client’s group or the client himself misleads another member of the client’s group;
• Non-respecting of instructions from a service provider or the TA that leads to a threat to the health of members of the client’s group/the client;
• Negligence on the part of members of the client’s group/the client;
• Non-compliance with conditions by an accommodation provider as a consequence of inappropriate behavior by members of the client’s group/the client;
• Members of the client’s group/the client breaks the law in the Czech Republic;
• Members of the client’s group/the client commits an offence against humanity and accepted practices;
• Force majeure: unfavorable weather, general threat, wars, disturbances, terrorist attack, electricity outages, natural disasters.

8. Client’s Liability

The client is obligated to familiarize all members of his group in detail with the conditions for the provision of individual services, including these Terms and Conditions.

The client is obligated, before the start of the individual activities, to attend safety briefings organized by the TA.
The client is obligated to behave considerately to all participants, employees and contractual partners of the TA, as well as the brokered accommodation provider.

The client is obligated to respect and not damage property of third parties, primarily of other participants, the TA’s assets and assets of the brokered accommodation provider.

The client is obligated, when performing individual activities, to behave responsibly and not expose himself or other participants in activities to unreasonable risk.

The client takes note that a breach of these duties could have as a consequence the suspension of the activities and exclusion of the client from participation in other activities, without a claim to the return of the price paid.

9. Complaints and Making Them by the Client

In the event of complaints related to individual services provided by the TA, it is necessary for the client to promptly contact the TA or accommodation provider, who are obligated to investigate a complaint and inform the client of the result of the investigation. At the express request of the client, a complaint will be dealt with in writing.

For these purposes or if needed, it is necessary to contact the TA on +420728509819 or at email
Later complaints are hard to investigate and the client takes note that all complaints that are submitted after a program is completed will be hard to investigate, so the TA requests prompt notification.

10. Concluding Provisions

The TA undertakes, during the performance of its sales activities, to proceed in accordance with legal regulations of the Czech Republic, in order to best protect the client’s interests.

The client was familiarized with these Terms and Conditions, expressly accepts them and confirms that these Terms and Conditions do not contain any provision that the client could not reasonably expect.

These Terms and Conditions are valid and effective from January 1, 2020.